A pool of 9 companies with the same mission: represent the Italian excellence in the luxury interior market. L.I.I.D. Luxury Italian Interior Design was born with this target, providing a network of companies, integrating their expertise and know-how to offer a bespoke solution for top clients. Personalization is the central point of L.I.I.D.
This collaboration is a plus that allows to control and coordinate all stages of production – from engineering, timing control, supervision by direct prices of the companies involved – offering to the luxury market, a unique contact.
L.I.I.D a dynamic project with a direct / indirect workforce of over 500 professionals including engineers, craftsmen, skilled workforce in order to realize any design idea and suggesting new aesthetic inspirations, national and international.
L.I.I.D. is finally ready to satisfy premium client needs, placing them, in the center of a unique experience.